The basics of PLC programming

Course duration: 3 days Price: HUF 150,000 / person Optimal number of course participants: 10 people Recommended for: experts who are experienced in handling industrial equipment controlled by PLC’s.
150000 Ft


2019-04-17 - 09:00


2019-04-19 - 16:00


H-1103 Budapest, Gyömrői út 104.   View map

Participants will be familiarized with the basics of PLC programming, and the operation and structure of PLC’s.
They will become able to use the programming languages under IEC 61131-3; write, modify, delete, monitor PLC programs; and set various parameters.
They will be familiarized with the basic functions of the Rexroth Indraworks Engineering development system. They will become experienced in the usage of special extension modules, creation of the Symbol file, and handling of profibus configurations. They will perform tasks independently by use of Rexroth PLC practice equipment, and test the operation of the device. They will establish various projects, and practice error search, error handling, and error localization technics.