Mobile hydraulic drives

Course duration: 3 days Price: HUF 130,000/ person Optimal number of course participants: 12 people Recommended for: those who have basic hydraulic knowledge, and are engaged in the operation and repair of devices equipped with mobile hydraulics.
130000 Ft


2018-12-17 - 09:00


2018-12-19 - 16:00


H-1103 Budapest, Gyömrői út 104.   View map

Course participants will learn the operating principle and operational characteristics of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic drives. They will be familiarized with the various control- and regulating methods of hydraulic drive systems. They will be familiarized with the components of hydrostatic drives: axial piston systems, pumps, motors, control elements, regulating elements, differential gears, auxiliary units. They will get an insight into the impeller drive, structural elements, structure, and operating principle of self-propelled machines. They will learn how to operate and maintain mobile equipment, and to search for system errors.

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