hidraulikus rendszerek kialakítása
Course duration: 3 days Price: HUF 130,000 / person Optimal number of course participants: 12 people Recommended for: those who have proper hydraulic knowledge and also higher technical education.
130000 Ft


2019-06-17 - 09:00


2019-06-19 - 16:00


H-1103 Budapest, Gyömrői út 104.   View map

During this training, the participants will be familiarized with the principles of hydraulic energy transfer, the basic equations of the ideal system, as well as the systems engineering and dimensioning solutions. They will be familiarized with the selection methods of the circuit elements on the basis of static dimensioning, and the principle and equations of hydraulic energy transfer.

They will get familiarized with the load-bearing connection, the industrially applied variants of fall protection, serial and parallel connections, and the methods of sequence control and braking. They will deal with tasks regarding motion synchronization, running gear drives, bridge drives, and wheel drives. They will perform industrial case studies through practical examples.