Basics of Industry 4.0

Duration of training: 3 days Training fee: HUF 145 000/person Optimal number of training participants: 6-8 people
145000 Ft


2018-10-24 - 09:00


2018-10-26 - 16:00


H-1103 Budapest, Gyömrői út 104.   View map

The participants get familiar of the Industry 4.0 approach, the structure and requirements of the connected production line as well as all functions of a complete production system.  The benefits of real-time data management and of the interconnection between the virtual model and the simulation will be presented. During the training participants will practise the usage of the interactive data visualisation and analysis, the interactive communication platform ActiveCockpit, the operation of the equipment and the troubleshooting  with the help of the  mMS4.0 miniature production line which is developed from industrial modules for this purpose. Using the Open Core Engineering, participants can acquire the basics of PLC programming with high-level programming languages. Participants can learn about the options of connecting production data and ERP systems, the method of monitoring material flow using the RFID system and, as a result, get to know the basics of product-controlled manufacturing. The collection method and analysis of equipment and process data is also introduced using a web-based software with the aim of ensuring process optimization, quality assurance and predictive maintenance.

During the training, participants will acquire the knowledge and skills required in the factory of the future.