Basics of hydraulics - control technology

Duration of training: 3 days Training fee: HUF 80,000/person Optimal number of training participants: 12 people Recommended: for people operating hydraulic machines and equipment.
80000 Ft


2018-09-26 - 09:00


2018-09-28 - 16:00


H-1103 Budapest, Gyömrői út 104.   View map

The participants learn the basics, structure and operations of hydrostatic control systems. They get familiar with the construction of restricted hydraulic controls and the various control methods. They become capable of constructing simple control systems, understanding their operations, as well as analysing and evaluating their characteristics. They acquire practical experience in the comparison of different controls from the aspect of effectiveness, efficiency, controllability and the fields of application. During the training they gain the knowledge, which is required for the confident operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of hydraulic control technology.

For this training participation on the ‘Hydraulic elements technology’ training is recommended.