Proportional technology in hydraulics

Duration of training: 3 days Training fee: HUF 130,000/person Optimal number of training participants: 12 people Recommended: for people in charge of operating systems with proportional technology, or those having secondary or university/college degree.
130000 Ft


2018-12-03 - 09:00


2018-12-05 - 16:00


H-1103 Budapest, Gyömrői út 104.   View map

During the training participants get familiar with the construction and operations of electro-hydraulic proportional control. They become capable of selecting and proportional directional valve, pressure and current controllers. They acquire practical experience in measuring and setting the amplifying cards of proportionate valves. They get familiar with the construction and operation of electro-hydraulic control, as well as the static and dynamic characteristics of servo valves. They learn the basic concepts and basic relations of control technology. During the training they become capable of regulating servo valves, and also of establishing the rules and application conditions of operations. They gain experience in comparing proportional and servo valves, as well as in practising the prevention of malfunctions and failures.

The training fee includes the cost of the training material on a CD (Proportional and servo valves in hydraulics).

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